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I'm Daniel Nichols, a Network Security major turned Advertising
Art major at

Student / Photographer / Graphic designer

*Please note that I've legally changed my last name from Shapiro to Nichols

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Project #1

Evrie Logo
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Project #2

Squareflow Logo “Shorty”
(PNG)Squareflow Logo.png
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Degree Objectives

Learn best practices and utilize tools that model creative agency environments and production studios.
Create 2D, 3D and multi-media assets that incorporate compelling storytelling for the promotion of people, products and organizations.
Demonstrate the ability to build quality content that includes video, photography, web design and visual effects using the most advanced digital tools for media consumption.
Apply the principles and elements of design for both online and offline deliverables.
Leverage the understanding of human behavior and conditioning to influence choice and decision-making using innovative methods and systems.
Follow branding guidelines on all visual communication to maintain a consistent and cohesive message through design and execution.


What is SIP?
SIP (Student Innovation Project) is a requirement for every student at my university. SIP is a 3 semester course and in SIP, you are required to create an idea and prototype it. The first semester is all for the idea phase. You need to come up with an innovative idea, and choose which major you want to pitch to. Once you have your idea, you have three rounds to pitch the idea to all the professors in that major who decide if it's viable, marketable, etc. If you are approved, you move on to the next SIP course which is all about creating a "minimal viable prototype" of the idea and giving prototype updates to the professors. At the end of the semester, UAT has a contest called "SIP Fair" where you present your prototype to all the professors and anyone around the world who decides to join live. After that, the professors deliberate and awards are given out! The final course is about creating a portfolio website for yourself! SIP is typically started near your graduation (since the website needs to have all the work you've done through school), but I decided to start SIP my third semester at UAT, so below, I'll share my SIP project, Evrie!
Meet the Evrie app!
Evrie is an app for a smart router that allows the consumer to add VPN, DNS, and antivirus services on their router from multiple providers. Evrie also controls the advanced settings on the router and provides analytics for the consumer to view. 
Why is it innovative?
Innovation Explainer
Check Out My Poster!
Evrie Poster (Final).png

My project won Best SIP Pitch!

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Squareflow is a company I created that toys? Yup, I said cat toys! 
How did Squareflow Get Started?
Squareflow was ✨floofed✨ by picking a noun (square) and an adjective (flowy -> flow) out of a basket in my graphic design class
Why Cat Toys?😅
Just like the name Starbucks has no relation to coffee, I wanted to create a company I can feel good about and get behind, and who doesn't like cats? While my graphic design teacher would strongly disagree with that assumption, I would like to think otherwise. I have two cats of my own, I love them very much, and I thought it would be fun to create a cat toy company, so say meow to Squareflow!

How I Branded Squareflow

Word List
Logo Design Process
Final Logos
Squareflow Logo
Squareflow Logo “Shorty”
From whiskers to tail, our packaging was designed with purpose and a theme to match the brand, it's energy, it's mission, and its philosophy.
Say Meow to our Monthly Floof Box!
Because of Squareflow's philosophy that packaging should be just as vibrant and fun as all our floofs, our packaging needs to make a statement, especially the monthly floof box! Since the floof box is delivered monthly via subscription, it needed to have some kind of relationship and meaning to our fluffketeers (that's codename for Squareflow's floof lovers) to add an extra degree of joy and fulfillment with each box. I decided to add lots of color and to write the name of our customer's beloved floof on the box!
Monthly Floof Box
Squareflow "Fluff Box" Package Mockup
Say Meow to our Retail Packaging!
Squareflow's packaging had the same goal of making a statement and following its values. That's why I decided to make our retail packaging colorful, environmentally friendly and, what I like to call "cat-fight-free!" To make the packaging "cat-fight-free," I opted for paper in place of plastic since many cats (including mine) are addicted to chewing on plastic for some unknown reason. The paper is fully recyclable too, which adds to its eco-friendliness! Squareflow prides itself on creating lots of fun, so I opted to create fun descriptions and names for our products!
Mice Paradise
Squareflow “Mice Paradise” Package Mockup
Check Out Our Poster!
Student Innovation Project Award
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I only use Keynote for my presentations as with my experience, PowerPoint and Google Slides can't hold its weight with presentation design over Keynote with PowerPoint being much less user friendly. With my Keynotes, I always make use of its features including animations, shape, editing tools, etc. Here, I'll share my Keynotes I've created at my school. 
Policy Proposal Presentation
There's a surprise near the end of this keynote! This is a Keynote presentation (with background music) I made for my final in Environmental Science class at UAT. In it, I pitch a recycling program to the university. It was only for the class though, so I never actually pitched the Keynote to the University.  
Recycling Policy Proposal Keynote - Title Slide
View Presentation with Animations/Audio:
Three Successful Logos
This is a Keynote presentation I created for my graphic design class at UAT about three successful logos. Hint: try scanning the barcodes with a barcode scanner app.
Three Successful Logos Keynote - Title Slide
View Presentation with Animations:

Other Work

Typography Challenge
CleanShot 2022-11-10 at 14.55.05_2x.jpeg
For a typography challenge in class, I made some variations of my original logo!
Expressive Word Poster
PDF Timely.png
For an assignment in typography class, I made a poster out of a word (speedy) I picked out of a bag, and created timely!


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Macro Photography

Graphic Design 

More Graphic Design 

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Work History

I have no prior work history as of now

Work History
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